Bat Props 1

The Commissioner Gordon Batphone  

 We  have some  Commissioner Gordon Batphone , for while !


                        The Handle are  Hand Crafted !
There is a Metal and Wood !
The same from Tv Show !
The most accurate Replica !

The Wayne Manor desktop Batphone


by    A.
The original
photo from
the serie

Courtesy of A. Pennyworth
The Original Photo From The Serie

              The Wayne Manor desktop working Light up !!!
About the Batphone :
This is a  red  Bat Phone used by Bruce Wayne, Batman and the Commissioner Gordon in the 1966 TV series . Replica  made of fiber glass (Not a Plastic). However, this also comes with presentation dome (acrylic cover) and wood base  similar to the one in the Commissioner’s Office . This fan built phone not only flashes and plays that beeping sound when receiving calls, but also lights up with a simple push of the black button when you want to make a call .(The beep is very accurate) Dialer are external .Not in the Phone . Dome is acrylic with handcrafted  handle (metal & Wood). The base is also handcrafted from wood. All accessories, cords, adapters,  and instructions are included . The phone works in Tone line .


The Red Fiber Glass Bory


The Red Fiber Glass Bory Produce
Our small Workshop !!!