Samy & Friends

   I am Back from U.S !!!
 I and  Adam West Photo from Orlando  

So I Got a
Kiss From


I and Yvonne Graig (Batgirl) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman)
At Orlando expo center

I and Mr. George Barris at his Shop on 2001 Oct .
I and Brette Barris . George Barris ‘s son !

I and my Dear Wife Andrea  at George Barris’s  Shop
in 2001 Oct .   Close of Batmobile # 1

I and Mr. Dennis and his  wife Peggy
at Orlando expo center 2003 / 11.
This is my friend Tim from Texas ” Texas superhero ”
I would like to say thank you very much for all of my Friend that I
got in Orlando for all kind treat . MIKE , TIM , DENNIS , PEGGY ,

I and Mr. Tim at Orlando expo center 2003 / 11.



I and my Friend Bob Johnson at Orlando expo center 2003 / 11.
I got so many nice Friend in U.S , Thanks Bob …
Adam West and Bob Johnson
I and Batman !!


After the expo show end I got a ride on streat in Dennis Batmobile !

I was in Bat-Cave exit , Bronson cave , North Hollywood and
Wayne Manor in Pasedena , Amazing Trip !!!
I have many photo of Batcave exit and Wayne Manor  .