Below you can find amazin links with a Batmobile ,
Batman’s props !!!

Why I am a Big Bat-Fan ?

Ever since I was a little kid at 6 years of age(1966) . From the first time I saw Bruce and Dick rotating the key on Shakespeare bust to open the secret door of the book case and slipping to the Batcave by Batpoles becoming Batman and Robin. Then getting into the fantastic BATMOBILE , and coming out of the Batcave from that amazing secret fake door to that hidden cave . That shot caught me forever. I really loved this TV show !

Bat Props 1                                      Detec-A-Scope             Black Beauty

BatPhone                                         Samy & Friends            My Toys

BatProps 2                                       MY HISTORY                  Batcycle

Batmobile Props                             Our Workshop

Batmobile Props 2                          Weekly photos             MY PERSONAL BAT PROPS

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